Jazan Economic City

Jazan is located in the Kingdom’s southwest region, and in 2014 we began constructing the Jazan Refinery and Terminal. The facilities form the industrial heart of the government’s greater Jazan Economic City project.

The main goal of the Economic City, which is currently under construction, is to stimulate manufacturing and industry in the Kingdom’s southwest region. The Economic City, in addition to the Jazan Industrial City project, will place Jazan as a commercial and industrial hub in the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.  

“Maharat” – investing in the people of Jazan

Formed in collaboration with our local and international engineering, procurement, and construction contractors on the Jazan Refinery and Terminal project, the Jazan Contractors Consortium for Training and Employment (Maharat) develops young Saudis from the Jazan region for specialized construction trades. In 2015, a total of 715 Saudis graduated and received jobs and more than 1,100 were enrolled at year-end.

Over the next four years of the refinery project’s construction phase, Maharat is expected to train and place roughly 5,000 Saudis for construction-related jobs. The Jazan Contractor Consortium is designed to be a sustainable model that we intend to replicate and institutionalize for future mega-projects.

Over a 15-year period, more than 70,000 new jobs could be created as the industrial city attracts a range of medium and light industries and associated service companies. 

Our refinery under construction in Jazan will form the industrial heart of the greater Jazan Economic City, helping drive sustainable economic growth in the region.