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Joint Statement by Saudi Aramco and SABIC

DHAHRAN,  May 21, 2016

The companies wish to clarify that they have no plans to pursue merging their petrochemicals businesses.

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Contract for Cilacap refinery upgrade awarded to Amec Foster Wheeler

JAKARTA, Indonesia,  May 23, 2016

PT Pertamina and Saudi Aramco have awarded an engineering and project management services contract for their joint Cilacap refinery upgrade to Amec Foster Wheeler Energy.

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Chemicals and Vision 2030

Saudi Aramco’s continued growth of its downstream business has the potential to play a pivotal role in the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.
DAMMAM,  May 18, 2016

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Domestic Sales

Driven by our belief that energy is opportunity, Saudi Aramco develops the Kingdom’s crude oil and gas resources

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Encouraging and working with entrepreneurs

Helping to drive innovation at an entrepreneurship workshop at the Dhahran Techno Valley.
DHAHRAN,  May 11, 2016

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The Arabian Sun

Saudi Aramco's weekly company publication May 25, 2016

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Royal Orders help usher in Vision 2030

Royal Orders to support and facilitate the implementation of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.
DHAHRAN,  May 11, 2016

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Focusing on young talent

Young employees urged to make a positive change at the recent 2015 HR Young Talent Forum.
DHAHRAN,  May 04, 2016

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First All-Women Business & Technology Park in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia ,  May 01, 2016

The Women’s Business Park (WBP) is a result of a joint venture between Princess Nourah University (PNU), the largest women’s university in the world, and Wipro Arabia Ltd.

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Geomatics: because location matters

Accurate geophysical data for planning, engineering, construction and maintenance is essential to our operations across the Kingdom.

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The power of cogeneration

Adopting innovative technology to improve energy efficiency.

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Saving energy

When you spend every hour of everyday extracting the most value possible from your country’s hydrocarbon reserves, you understand just how precious energy is.

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Most advanced reservoir modeling technology

A game-changing technology to predict how a reservoir will behave during future production.

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Strength in agility

Looking beyond is what we do everyday, constantly re-imagining the potential of energy, seeking out opportunity, and looking ahead to better our world.

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Our people

Meet our people: Dina Al-Amer

Dina Al-Amer is an IT Systems Analyst working in Saudi Aramco.

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Our planet is rich with incredible resources, and petroleum is among the most vital of all. The guardians of this great gift have a great responsibility; at Saudi Aramco it defines who we are and the way that we work.

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Drilling champions

A career in Drilling is both challenging and full of opportunity.

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Aramco Entrepreneurship Center

An incubator to ignite entrepreneurship and help develop local enterprises in the Kingdom.

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Building a culture of safety

Our focus on safety extends well beyond our operations and into our communities.

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